Sustainable Brushwood Fencing Good for Home and Environment

August 25th, 2015||

Protect your home with attractive, environmentally friendly and sustainable brushwood fencing, gazebos and more
Brushwood is part of our Melaleuca family
Scientifically known as Melaleuca Uncinata, it is a native Australian myrtaceous plant that comprises about 11 species. Collectively, the 11 species are known as “broombush”, and is commonly used in brushwood fencing, brushwood gazebos and many other […]

Brush Fence Repairs & Maintenance Procedures

July 29th, 2015||

This article explains the processes around fence repairs and maintenance, and what to do if a tree gets in the way!
The regulations for fence repair and maintenance are very similar to the steps required for building a fence. If you haven’t already, read our Victorian Fencing Laws article here.

Trees are a common point of dispute […]

Victorian Fencing Laws

June 29th, 2015||

Do you have a fence? Check your local fencing laws
The Fences Amendment Act 2014 (Amendment), which came into effect on Monday 22 September 2014, has replaced the fencing laws previously enacted by the Fences Act 1968.

Read on for some of the changes that might affect you.
What is a dividing fence?
This is a fence erected to separate two pieces […]

Facts about Brushwood Fencing

October 31st, 2014||

Brushwood Fencing is used extensively throughout Australia and it is free of maintenance of 10 to 15 years, this is due to the high oil content in brushwood which provides a natural protection from pests, such as white ants, insects and spiders.

Another fact about Brushwood Fencing is its robust property, Brushwood Fencing are able […]