Protect your home with attractive, environmentally friendly and sustainable brushwood fencing, gazebos and more

Brushwood is part of our Melaleuca family

Scientifically known as Melaleuca Uncinata, it is a native Australian myrtaceous plant that comprises about 11 species. Collectively, the 11 species are known as “broombush”, and is commonly used in brushwood fencing, brushwood gazebos and many other brushwood structures.

Broombush has major growth in Western Australia’s Coolgardie-Esperance region, and in South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula.

Broombush varieties grow between 1 to 3 metres high with flora.

In addition to brushwood fencing, this native plant is good for honey, pollen, cineole (used in flavouring, perfumery, and medicine chiefly as an expectorant), carbon dioxide reduction and is highly attractive to birds!

Government regulations ensure sustainability

The Department of Conservation and Land Management (Department) is responsible for protecting and conserving the natural flora in Western Australia, ensuring that broombush harvesting and selling is conducted with the relevant licenses.

The Department will usually inspect the harvesting areas to determine whether the broombush will recover after any harvesting activities, preventing over-cutting.

Environmentally friendly brushwood

Together with other industrialised nations, Australia pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, by large-scale tree planting. Broombush assists the environment in a natural process called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process where plants use the energy from sunlight to convert carbon dioxide and water into sugar (it’s food) and oxygen.

Broombush is able to stop and reverse the process of land degradation caused by salinity. In many locations throughout the Wheatbelt in Western and South Australia, the groundwater has been recorded to have risen to points where it intersects the ground surface, resulting in salinisation of the soil and surface water.

The native broombush does even more to help the Wheatbelt by reducing the pressure on native stands, creating the ideal environment for flora and fauna.

Sustainable brushwood for your home

Brushwood fencing brings soft and natural tones to otherwise hard, modern housing. Brushwood also provides a naturally attractive background to any garden, accentuating nature’s best and providing a relaxing home environment.

Brushwood gazebos offer a shady, cool and natural way to sit and enjoy your home. Just imagine yourself reading and drinking your cup of tea under your brushwood gazebo. Bliss.

If you have an existing gazebo, clad these structures with brushwood for a similar effect! The brushwood will also keep the sun’s scorching heat away from hot-to-touch metals.

Existing fences can also benefit from brushwood’s noise insulation properties, reducing the noise from cars, neighbours and pets!

There is very little maintenance required for brushwood, as they don’t require painting or oiling to maintain their natural characteristics. If your brushwood is affected by inclement weather, animals or falling trees, we have the expertise to quickly and efficiently repair your brushwood. Contact us for more information about brushwood design, brushwood installation and brushwood repair and maintenance!

If you want to erect a new fence or make changes to an existing fence, remember that your neighbour can help pay for this. Check out our article Fence Repairs and Maintenance Procedures.


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