Allbrush Fencing has over 20 years experience in design, installation, repairs and maintenance of quality brushwood fencing.

We build the highest quality brush fencing Melbourne can offer. We have a meticulous eye for detail, and make sure our customers are happy for years to come.

20 Years Experience in Brush Fencing

Benefits of a natural brushwood fence

Enjoy extra privacy and sound-proofing with a soft, natural brushwood fence. We design the brush fence to suit your landscape, protecting your home with a solid, yet natural fence that absorbs extra noise.

Our design options allow for varying ground heights, accommodating for slopes, walls, trees and rocks. The maximum varying height is around 3.6 metres. If you’re unsure, please contact us. Brushwood fencing is popularly used for screening, gazebos and arbours. With more than 20 years of brush fencing expertise, we can show you how to enhance your property’s value, comfort and usability all year round. We have made gardens come to life with brush fencing materials for family and friends to enjoy.

Your brushwood fence is high quality, and extremely durable even in harsh weather conditions, maintaining the aesthetically pleasing look that it had from the first day of installation. Depending on your landscape, brush fencing Melbourne is relatively cheap to install.

Brushwood fencing can be used as a swimming pool barrier and tailored to Victorian council requirements. Brush fencing is difficult for children to climb, making a brushwood fence an ideal swimming pool or spa safety barrier that is both effective and visually appealing.

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